Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wobbly Wagon!

If any of you have checked in on my blogs, you will have noticed that I've fallen off the "Heavenly wagon." We've all been there. I'm not just talking about blogging here. Life gets in the way and the next thing you know, you're not eating how you know you should and you're not getting in your workouts like you love to do. What starts as a couple of days off, turns in to a month! You've probably even lost a few pounds (of muscle), which might look good on the scale, but doesn't look good in the mirror.

Well, it's time to get back ON!! Starting last Monday, we got back in the zone. Having a subscription to some kind of health & fitness magazine really helps keep and/or reignite your motivation. In my last entry I talked about joining a contest to kick me in to gear and now I'm doing that.

If you're interested, it's here: 

Additionally, we're doing a little kick-start "diet" to help shed the little layer. Nothing serious, just a very eat-clean strategy. No refined carbs or sugars and lots of veggies, some fruits and only good proteins. I look forward to sharing my little tid-bits with you over the next 30 days. Wish me luck! :)

Happy health to all!

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