Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Label Reading - Buyer Beware

One of the most important things about clean eating is reading the labels on EVERYTHING you buy. I am usually very conscious of this having grown up with a mother who was relentless on this subject.  Recently I skipped reading the label on a broth I bought that seemed insignificant only later to find out it was packed with MSG and lots of artificial preservatives and other things I couldn’t pronounce.  Also you need to be educated on what some of those ingredients mean because they try to trick you by renaming additives. For example: MSG which has evidence of causing brain damage and heart problems to name a few is hidden under the terms “natural flavors” and “hydrolyzed vegetable protein.”  The first thing I look for on a label is the sugar for which there are 27 different types. A few of the harder to recognize names are: Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Maltose and Saccharose.  For the complete list of 27 “sugars in disguise,” please see our notes on Facebook. They like to put copious amounts of these in a lot of protein bars and pass it off as healthy. There are many other examples of disguising ingredients so be aware of what you are consuming and educate yourself on some of the common things you see pop up on ingredient lists that you’re not sure what they are… you’ll probably be surprised by what is getting snuck into your body. And by the way, for good protein and bars look into “Jay Rob” products.

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