Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things that keep me going strong~

Life has been quite hectic and stressful lately. I'm balancing quite the load and in turn some things must move to the bottom of the list. (I'm a BIG list person. If I don't have one I go crazy.) My last final exam is tomorrow (huge sigh of relief)! There are clean and dirty piles of laundry in just about every room of the house. The floors are dirty and there is a huge pile of mail and papers that I haven't had time to sort through. (Maybe I shouldn't be bloggin' then? But it's so much more fun!) And on top of everything else, this week is my hormonal week. Sorry for the TMI guys, but sometimes it just needs to be said. :) My point is, there are a lot of things going on right now that could completely overwhelm me-- if I *let* them. I have to prioritize. ALL the piles can wait for now. But the ONE thing that I have to keep at the TOP of my list? ME! If I don't then I really fall apart and usually when that happens it's not just me that suffers, it's my family as well. Today is a great example of how I'm keeping myself going strong.

*Let myself sleep in a little - Sleep is SO important for our all around well-being! If your body and/or mind is telling you that you need it, make time for it!

*Made a healthy breakfast - you've heard it a million times! Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! It sets the mood, energy and motivation for the rest of the day.

*Get stronger - Since I couldn't make it to the gym, I did a full bodyweight workout which I posted on my FB page. I didn't think it was going to kick as much of my butt as it did, but I felt GREAT afterward. And I didn't even need any equipment, other than a chair for step ups.

*Had a healthy lunch - yep, you guessed it. I had a salad. :)

*Be heart-strong - After lunch, my husband had some time to spare so we went on a quick, hilly run around our neighborhood. Cardio is an amazing stress-buster (not to mention fat-burner). If you're feeling stressed, I HIGHLY recommend some cardio! It gets those endorphins going and you'll soon realize that you're troubles aren't worth the energy.

*Smell the roses - Which I did literally (I smelt the roses in my yard), and I spent some time with my kids - they're getting ready for their first big performance on Friday and it was a tear-jerker and heart warmer for me to be with them for their rehearsal today. In other words, smell the roses, kiss/cuddle/tickle your loved ones, or just BE for a little while.

*Try something new - I tried a completely new dinner recipe tonight that was not only healthy, but I KNEW my husband would LOVE it. Trying new things spices things up and adds some excitement to your daily routine. No body likes to be bored! Also, doing things that make other people smile is a big pick-me-up.

*Spend a little time with a hobby - this is where my ~HH~ Facebook page and/or blog comes in... Lately, this has been my hobby and it totally nurtures me and my healthy goals right now. It makes me FEEL GOOD. Other things could be writing in a journal, scrapbooking, reading, playing an instrument... something that puts you in your happy place.

*Be thankful - No matter what you're going through or what load you're carrying, most likely you can look at it and say "it could be worse." Sure, maybe it could be better, but if you really want it to be BETTER you have to MAKE it better. I saw a GREAT quote today: "You can make a wish, or you can make it happen!" I'm a firm believer in that.

Obviously, every day can't include all these feel-good things, but if you start by trying to include at least one a day, you will start to notice a difference... and eventually... who knows... you might start to feel HEAVENLY HEALTHY!!

Much love~

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