Monday, September 19, 2011

Squeezin' it in!

My crazy schedule has surely taken a toll on my workouts over the past couple of months. I'm working hard to get a better system back in swing, but at the very least, I must continue to heed my own advice and fit SOMETHING in 4-6 times per week. So, today, here is my 15 minute butt-kicker. :)

(I also used an interval timer for the first time today, thanks to my new phone, and I LOVED it!)

1 minute sets and 30 second rests. (Working to get my numbers back UP!)
Jumping Jacks (60)
Push ups (20)
Jump rope
Sit ups (50)
Burpees (10)
Squats (31)

Jumping Jacks (50)
Jump rope
Reverse sit ups (30)
Burpees (5)
Lunges (20)

Let me know if you decide to give this a shot. You won't be disappointed! :)

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