Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ever take on TOO much?!

For anyone who read about my 5K, this is in regard to that...

There is a pattern in my character that I constantly have to recheck. It is this insane tendency to take on anything and everything in sight. Anything that is the least bit inspiring or that sounds like it will be a positive thing - it’s MINE. I want to own it. So I do, at least for some period of time. Until I realize I’ve done it again. I’ve taken on too much.

‘Too much’ in my world means that there are one or more things that are getting in the way of my enjoying the things that I’m really supposed to be enjoying. So, I reassess my situation, rearrange my load and then once again, I’m ALL good. All back in balance. Much better. *Sigh of relief*

Sound familiar? As women, I think this is something that many of us come upon once in a while.

So, here’s where I’m at. I was attempting to take on this big community project and I was starting to get revved up, and then I went on vacation. I really needed that. I was able to sit back and relax and actually allow myself to be tired for once. And then I refocused on my REAL commitments. MY KIDS, my husband and our life TOGETHER. The reality is that I am already doing EVERYTHING that I want and need to be doing (for now).. 

I am being completely, 101% committed to and involved in all of the things that are insanely dear to my heart and soul; my children, my husband, my spirituality, my sobriety and my (and my family’s) health. And as I live my life true to what I believe and stand for, I pray to be a contribution in the community around me no matter how big or small that may be – just by being ME!

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