Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oops!! Missed a thankful post yesterday!

I was having so much FUN making my Vision Board for a Facebook contest -  

And taking pictures for a Silly Photo contest -

I ran out of awake-time to post last night!
So, for yesterday’s thankful post – I am thankful for all the FUN in my life!
I may not have won either contest, but the process was a blast and my two daughters joined in with me for some great laughs. They may think their mom is crazy, but that’s obviously not a concern. ;) 
I mean seriously, sometimes I’m amazed at how much fun my life is. And it seems to only get better all the time! First of all, my kids are just a BLAST. They’re so full of life, love, curiosity, wittiness, silliness and adventure.
Then there’s my husband who almost never fails to make me laugh. That’s one of the reasons I married him is because of how much fun we have together!
I have fun at work, in the car, in the kitchen, at the gym – whatever I’m doing, I aim to have fun. Sure, there are times when life isn’t intended to be fun, but I always strive to keep perspective on the big picture. Life is way too short to be taken seriously!
Here’s wishing you all a super FUN weekend!!

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