Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Rocks

Today I’m thankful for the Rocks in my life. While I may have hundreds of family and a few friends, there are even fewer Rocks. These are the people who love, support and encourage me no matter what I’m up to. They are unconditional. They may not always agree with me, understand me or the things that I do, and they may think I’m crazy, OCD or wishy-washy, but they stand unshaken in the relationship we have together. Whether I’m in a slump and down in the dumps, or I’m on fire and on a mission, they are there without judgment or discouragement.

I have made some choices lately that probably have a couple of people raising an eyebrow. I’m sure there’s a little chitter-chatter about it. I don’t take these choices/changes lightly. Some days I feel lonely and some days I know there’s an easier route, but that’s not what I want. I am taking the road less traveled. 

I’m not perfect. I’ve made many mistakes. Hell, I’m human! I don’t believe we’d be here if we didn’t have a thing or two to learn. But my heart is full of love. My intention is to be the best I can to myself and those around me. And my wish is to give and love and share.

Thank you to the Rocks in my life who know my heart and love me along the way, no matter what! I hope that I can be at least half of that for you.

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