Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful for FOOD!! :)

Today I’m thankful for FOOD!

Not just the fact that we are so blessed that we never have to think or worry about whether or not we will eat every day; and not because I LOVE eating and trying new things. I love the diversity and the culture of food. I love how food brings people together and I love cooking! To me, food is FUN.

But, have you ever really thought about how powerful food is? What we put into our bodies controls an amazing amount of SO many things:

How fully we’re able to LIVE – and the quality of life we live as we age

How we look (hair/skin/nails)

How we feel (emotions, hormones)

How well we sleep

How we cope with our daily tasks

How we deal with stress

Etc., etc., etc., the list goes on!

We have the power with FOOD to create the quality of life we desire. Simply put, it’s like math: Good, clean, whole foods going into our body - good, clean, whole results coming out. Imagine if you feel good about what you see on the outside, how pretty your insides must be! That is the key to happiness, the fountain of youth that we’re all looking for!

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