Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankfulness ~ Music

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” ~Plato

Today I’m thankful for music. My family is BIG on music. My husband and kids play guitar, piano and love to sing. Some of my dearest family members and friends are musicians. I love when we can all get together, make music, dance and have FUN. Those are memories that we can all carry in our hearts and through our lives.

Music has so many benefits and adds so much to our lives. I have seen it help my kids flourish and be creative.  It can help us to express things that we can’t always find the words for.

Other times I LOVE music…

Singing in the car really loud (with or without the kids) to my favorite songs

PUMPING up my workouts

Calming my mind and soul for meditation and/or relaxation

Bringing groove into the office on my work days

Blasting the music while cleaning house

Playing Just Dance on the Wii

Cheering me up when I’m having a tough time.. OR bringing on a good cry when I need one

Or just plain letting loose and being SILLY!

Today I’m off to clean house and do chores with the kiddos, and will surely be blasting some good tunes to keep us all movin’! J

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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