Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness ~ Sleep

This evening, I'm a little tired. Just been going, going, going! I'm thankful that I no longer suffer from insomnia. That I can go to bed, fall asleep, and mostly stay asleep all night (unless I have to pee.. Excuse the TMI). I'm certain that being able to sleep well is attributed to the care that I'm now giving my body - not drinking alcohol, excersizing consistently, eating right and meditating every day. And it feels FANTASTIC. I wake up with energy and it is sustained throughout the day. My moods are more balanced and I can actually relax once in a while. I'm not on autopilot 24-7. I know that this is a packaged deal kind of thing, but I also know how important sleep is in maintaining that package.

That being said, GOOD NIGHT!! :) Sweet dreams!!

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