Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One proud mama!!

Words cannot express the burning inspiration, love, and humble pride that my kids have ignited inside of me. Today was SO awesome - our longest run together so far - 3 miles! These kids amaze me beyond words. 

My son had his absolute best run yet - while he's the one that we usually have to push a little more, there was no stopping, no complaining, he just ran straight through! :)

My younger daughter struggled a little more than she usually does, but she never complained or wanted to give up, she just pushed right through. :)

My oldest daughter has to slow down for us because she's so fast, but I'm so thankful that she chooses to hang with us slow pokes! ;)

This has been one of the coolest ways to bond with my kids ever! Not only do we thoroughly enjoy our time together, but we are all encouraging each other to push beyond our mental limits. When one of us thinks about quitting, the others are there to encourage and push us through. We are helping each other realize our capabilities and it is so enlivening. 

I'm not sure if my younger ones understand the full value of what we're doing yet, but I'm confident and proud that this is something that will stick with them through their whole life. The memories, athleticism, physical endurance, mental strength, confidence, character, commitment, and the list goes on... 

When my son said to me a little over a month ago, "Hey Mom, let's do a 5K!" I knew it was going to be amazing, but to what extent I had no idea. The feeling is indescribable. I'm so proud of my babies and I can't wait for the big day this weekend! 

I urge each and every one of you - whatever it is that lights that fire inside of you - go get it and get a LOT of it. Overdose on it. That's the kind of high I desire everyone to feel in their life. 

Thanks for reading and supporting my Heavenly Healthy and insanely HAPPY journey!! :)

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  1. Your awesome Momma! You did great! You mean everything to me and you having all this going on in your life is perfect for all of our family.