Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mud Run Fun!!

Wow, my first mud run was more fun than I imagined! I will definitely be doing that again! 

I never really thought about doing a mud run until one of my girlfriends bought me one for my birthday. As the time approached, it morphed into a family affair and the Hubs and three of our kids were all registered. On the day before the event, our youngest son (6 years old) informed us that he wanted to participate as well (we assumed he wouldn't be into it because he's not a big fan of running or getting dirty). So, we were all in! 

Thankfully, my friend had done this before so we were very prepared.

  • The easiest bet is to plan to throw away every single item that you wear. That's what we did.
  • The tighter the clothes, the better. Think of jumping in a swimming pool fully clothed. Everything that you're wearing becomes very heavy and weighs you down. Tight shorts and shirt sticks closest to your body without having to worry about losing clothing along the way. 
  • Wear higher socks and duct tape your shoes so you don't lose them in the mud pits.
  • Bring a change of clothes & shoes.

  • Bring a towel per person and plan to shower in the coldest water ever! 
  • If you're including the kids, their race will likely be at a different time than yours. Bring water, snacks and sunscreen.
  • Bring a camera. You can bring a water proof, disposable one if you want to carry it with you. I preferred just to bring one for before and after. I don't want to have anything else in my hands to bog me down.
  • For the utmost fun, bring everyone! Family, friends.. the more the merrier!  And next time, I'm pretty sure we'll have to do a costume theme of some sort. ;)
If you're into fun, adventure and not afraid to get dirty, you MUST put a mud run on your bucket list!! TONS of fun!! :)

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