Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy June!!

Where did this week go? What about the month?! Sheesh! Next week is my kids last week of school, so we're in the middle of all of their end of year festivities. Open houses, musical performances, parent meetings, one kid getting ready for middle school, another kid graduating high school, family coming to town -- all on top of our regularly scheduled sports and day-to-day business. If only I didn't have to sleep!

So, I haven't had time for my blogging this week, but I've been conjuring up so many things that I thought I could at least give you a teaser of what's to come!

First~ this weekend, Sunday, June 3rd is the day that my guest post for Tosca Reno's blog goes live! I'm so excited to be a part of the launching of her new book, The Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook. I will be talking about my evolution of becoming a vegetarian and how Tosca's books have played a part in my learning how to be and eat healthy.

Second~ I've really been working to get more involved with my ~HH~ community and the pieces are finally starting to come together. I am going to be hosting my first reviews and giveaways! This means I get to try some great new stuff and share it with some lucky winners! Details coming soon, but in the meantime you can check out who I've teamed up with.

The first review and giveaway will be with The Blender Bottle. I've been seeing these things all over the place and they look so awesome. The hubs and I are always taking our shakes on the go and these revolutionary bottles seem like they would make life so much easier. Check them out and keep your eyes open for the deets!

The next giveaway... well, I think I'll keep you guessing for now, but I assure you it's going to be LOVELY!! Stay tuned!!

I was beating myself up because I only got in three workouts this week, and then I remembered that 3 is better than 0! The thing is, I LOVE my new gym and I just want to be in there every day, but right now our schedule just isn't allowing for it. Cool thing though... we're now able to take our almost 11 year old with us. Today was his first time inside of a gym and he loved it. He's such a super awesome sport and so enthusiastic about being healthy and fit. I mean, can you imagine how your life may have been different if you had learned about health and fitness at such a young age? I'm super proud to have him in there with us, and to have my other kids eager to get in there in the next few years. I think we must be doing something right! :)

Hope you've all had a lovely week and have a great weekend ahead!
As always, thank you for reading, following and supporting~



  1. Sounds like a fun month...I'm curious about the Blender Bottle! I'll be checking it out!

    I have a couple giveaways going on at my place too (tomorrow is a natural self-tanner and right now is an all natural beauty travel kit). It's so much fun to do giveaways isn't it?

  2. This will be my first one and I'm really excited about being more involved with everyone. Thanks for reading!
    I'm going to check out yours now! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. You're definitely doing something right.

    I have been reviewing Tosca's books for a few years now and the vegetarian cookbook is next on my list.

    And that blender bottle looks awesome!

  4. Any of her books are great!
    Have a great weekend Angie! :)