Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taco Tuesday~ Mushlano Tacos

This one of my super successful "winged-it" dinners. Just went for it and nailed it!
Love it when that happens! :)

Saute the following in grapeseed oil:
1 sliced large poblano pepper
1 sliced large portobello mushroom
1/2 sliced red onion
2 large diced cloves of garlic

About 2-4 tbsp of Bragg's liquid aminos
About 2-4 tbsp lemon juice
On the Bragg's and lemon juice, my measurements are guesses. I usually just eye ball it and keep putting more until it tastes good.

Lots of black pepper!
Funny story. When I went to sprinkle in the black pepper, the entire lid came off and a huge mound of balck pepper poured into the pan. I scooped out what I could, but there was still a LOT left. I was afraid it was going to ruin the dish, but it actually came out really good. So, I guess, use a LOT of black pepper. Especially if you like heat.

Warm tortillas on the stove top so they become slightly crunchy. Top with some shredded cabbage, the above "mushlano" mixture and some feta cheese and...


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