Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweaty Inspiration!

My life has been crazy full of possibilities lately, so I came to realize that it wouldn't make sense for me NOT to enter the contest for The Sweaty Betties Inspiration and Perspiration Workshop next month! This workshop will feature my absolute #1 FAVORITE ladies in the health and fitness world. I 100% back everything that they're about ~ natural health, fitness, fun, balance and being 100% true to who we are as amazing and beautiful women from the inside out. I would be thrilled and honored to be able to spend some time with and learn more from them!! 

And this is why I'm here to share with you all, "What Inspires ME to Sweat!"

Getting sweaty has transformed so much about the person I am to the world around me. I am a more fit woman, wife, mommy and friend because of who I have found myself to be through being physically fit. Getting sweaty not only releases my endorphins, but it releases something that empowers me to live my life to its fullest and to chase that which is beyond my wildest dreams! I am inspired to sweat because it has made me the woman that I am today! :)

Have you checked out this workshop yet? Are you going? 

This awesome workshop to be held in Las Vegas is brought to us by the following AMAZING ladies:

The Sweaty Betties


Angie Gooding

If you're not following them yet, you're missing out! They're sure to provide you with so much quality and richness in regard to health, fitness and all around wellness. If you're a new fan of theirs, please tell them I sent you! :)

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