Thursday, December 20, 2012

Final Accountability Call for 2012!

Time to take a final inventory on 2012. How did you do on your goals for the year?

Here's my WILL DO list from the beginning of the year and my updates in red.

Mimi’s 2012 WILL DO list

·         Run at least three 5K’s with my kiddos ~ Only two complete.

·         Run my first ½ marathon ~ Hollywood Half Marathon done!! :)

·         Keep growing Heavenly Healthy ~ Done and doing! Thanks to YOU! 

·         Work on my recipe book ~ Postponed to 2013

·         Pay off all our debt and keep building financial stability ~ Done and doing!

·         Take another Landmark Seminar ~ 
Took another seminar and currently participating in the Introduction Leaders Program

·         March for Babies fundraiser (7th year!) - Meet or exceed my goal!! ~ Done!

·         Fit photo shoot ~ Done.

·         Try at least one new workout or class per month ~ Totally fell off that wagon! 

·         Take a family road trip / vacation ~ Family camping trip in Jalama Beach.

·         Volunteer in some way with my kids (AKA: Teach my kids about paying it forward and about the less fortunate in the world) ~ Will carry this over to my list for 2013 :(

·         Live GREENER ~ Could still use some improvement on this one...

        The idea behind taking inventory is to acknowledge the accomplishments we've had throughout the year. It could be easy or automatic to beat ourselves up over the things we didn't do, however I prefer to look at them as room for growth. 

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