Friday, December 21, 2012

"Heavenly" Opportunity~

I have ONE spot remaining for a woman who does NOT reside in San Diego to participate in this program via Skype!! 

Program session dates: January 14th - March 1st on days/times that work for me and you.


*Are you looking to improve your health in a safe, natural and FUN way?
*Have you tried various “methods” and/or diets to find yourself back at square-one every time?

Then I’m looking for YOU!

I’m gearing up to launch my ground-breaking health empowerment program for women in April 2013, and not only do I need your help, but I would love to help you! 

Here’s what I’m looking for:
*Women who are looking to lose weight and/or get healthy in a natural approach that can last a lifetime (aka: a lifestyle change).
*Women with no serious health concerns that would prevent them from participating in planned meals/activities/workouts/etc.
*Women who aren’t afraid to share their journey with other women in a small group setting.
*Women who can commit to a 1-2 hour Skype session once per week for 3 months.

What you can expect from this three phase program:
*A transformation in your self-image / self-acceptance / self-love.
*Peace of mind around your health and well-being.
*A new relationship with food and approach to healthy eating.
*An exercise agenda that works for you.

What you must do:
*Commit to one Skype session for 1-2 hours per week.
*Be open to sharing your testimonial at the end of the program.

For further questions, or to apply, email Mimi at:


  1. I'd like to participate...but I'm a very fussy eater. Will there be choices and still stick with the menu plan?

  2. Alayne~ I'm going to message you! :)