Monday, January 21, 2013

Got veggie protein?

I was so excited when All Pro Science contacted me to try their veggie based protein. As a vegetarian, the same old sources of protein powder can get quite boring. So, I researched their products along with all of the ingredients and I was in! I especially love their tag line: "All Natural. Nothing to Hide!" It's true.

I have to admit, I was still weary. Even though I already know and believe that we get plenty of what we need from what Mother Nature provides, I wasn't sure just how veggie protein could actually come out tasting good. And I was VERY pleasantly surprised!! I tried the french vanilla flavor and this was definitely better than any whey protein I've ever had. Smooth, creamy and pleasantly rich (not too rich) in flavor!

And then there was the super foods... these are sure to taste strange, right? ;) Nope! Only more delicious nutrition! These are a great addition to a quick smoothie on the go..

I highly recommend checking out All Pro Science - the All Natural Choice!

AND I'm super stoked to let you know that APS is offering my lovely followers a 30% discount using promo code: hh30

Let me know how you like it! :)

*I must note that I'm not a believer in replacing meals. I believe that we should feed our bodies with whole foods from the Earth as much as we possibly can. AND I do think that shakes and smoothies are a great choice for snacks and/or supplementation when we're on the go in our busy lives.

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