Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Want a Paleogasm?!

I'm very excited to introduce you to my amazingly exuberant and extremely talented-in-the-kitchen friend, Camille! I met her last year as our passion for the power of healthy foods brought us together through a mutual friend on Facebook. She has been an incredible inspiration to me ever since! She is on a mission to impact the lives of 100 million people! How many people do you know that have that kind of stand in life? Camille is far from ordinary, and my entire family just loves the bajeebers out of her! 

That's Camille in the middle! :)

"Camille is committed to transforming the lives of 100 million people in her lifetime by shifting healthcare from the medicine cabinet to the pantry, the doctors office to the garden." (excerpt from Amazon.com

I just think we need more people with that kind of mission on this planet!!

Because Camille is so awesome and because I stand behind what she's committed to on this planet, I am honored to support her in one of her many latest accomplishments... her first cookbook! 

While I will disclose that I do not follow the Paleo diet, I do own the e-version of this cookbook and it is absolutely stunning. The pictures are mouth-watering and the recipes are decadent! There are recipes in here for EVERYONE - from vegan to Paleo! 

If you're looking for something to spice up your kitchen and your recipes, you must make the investment in Paleogasm. I guarantee you will be thanking me later! ;) 


And if you want to see more of Camille, check her out on Fitlife.tv or at her website Recipe RX and her Facebook page. And don't forget to tell her that Mimi sent you! :)

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