Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What it means to be a Sweaty Betty~

Over the past 8 months being a Sweaty Betty has come to mean so much to me. It all started when I met Danny-J earlier in 2012. I just happened to get lucky when she came to town and my hubby & I got to meet her for a drink. It was then that she shared the crazy journey that she was about to embark on with The Sweaty Betties. Things were changing and big things were coming! 

A few months later she chose me as one of the bloggers to attend the very first Inspiration & Perspiration Workshop in Las Vegas in October. This was the first time I left my family for such a long distance alone and even though I was a little nervous, I was super excited. So I packed up my car, my 80's gear, my music and set off on my 4-hour road trip!

Left to Right: Creative Galina, Angie Gooding, Heidi Henry from Banana Buzzbomb, Me :) Danny-J, the other Mimi,  and Lindsay from ALY Warriors

I have been on my own health & fitness journey for a few years now (but actually, it's a lifelong journey, isn't it?!). Getting healthy and learning to balance my soul has led to my true place of happiness. Now more than ever before I am truly in love with my life! Over the past year my journey has become about how I'm going to give what I have gotten back to others. Danny-J and The Sweaty Betties have been a huge part of the evolution of this part of my journey.

The I&P Workshop far exceeded what I thought it would be and was one of the turning points that began to crack open my purpose in life. I met and connected with SO many amazing women who I now call my friends and that has only snowballed since becoming a Sweaty Betty Ambassador. I would dare to say that for most people it is impossible to have this many close friends who make such an impact on the world all in one place. Their presence and their willingness to share themselves with others moves me to tears. And it's so exciting to see things grow inside of this community. Not just for the Sweaty Betties as a community, but inside of each of our lives. There just seems to be this force that has us all flourishing and growing inside of what we're committed to and it's incredible. Makes me think of this quote:

So, who are the Sweaty Betties Ambassadors? We were hand picked by Danny-J to represent The Sweaty Betties Fitness Community and to help her spread her message. We each have uniquely inspiring stories and we have all been through a LOT in our own lives. And now we're here to have our stories be a contribution to other people's journeys. 

Here are the links to each of the SBA's Facebook pages.. go give them a LIKE!! Their sites can also be found under my 'favorites' on my home page.

Crystal with Train Dirty Fitness

Lindsay with ALY Warriors

Shanna with Pineapple and Coconut

Deanna with Life as the Fat Friend

Stacey Hancock

Margo ~ Brooklyn FitChick

Astrid with Better Believe Fit

Kimberly with Kiki's Kitchen- A Gluten Free Zone

Claudette with Cavegirl Confections

Christy with Whole to Healthy

Lisa with Healthy Way Fitness

Mariette with Namaste Mari

Valerie with LiveFit Journey

Grissel - Model and Fitness Bikini Competitor

If you're looking for a safe place to share your journey, get support and get on the right track to being healthy and fit, you definitely want to check out this amazing community. And as Danny says, "Don't be a b*tch!" :)


  1. I am so excited to be part of this amazing group of ladies!!!!!