Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! A Turkey Story :)

Our 12 year old son, Andy brought home this turkey story from school last week and I just had to share it with you all. May it bring you a little Thanksgiving chuckle, or a gobble!! ;)
Thank you for your continued love & support!! Happiness, love and light to you and yours this Thanksgiving! ~Mimi~
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Andy’s Turkey Story
(From the point of view of a turkey)

It all started when I was strolling around the boring, deserted turkey coop on a cold evening. All of the sudden, I though I heard something behind me. It was terrible, it sounded like a dog scratching its insides out. I started questioning myself, “Could it be the human?” and, “Is it that time of year again?” 

When all the turkeys started scrambling like crazy and I knew why… 

We could smell it.. 


It reminded me of my Uncle Jimmy. He was the chosen one last year. I shouted, “Everyone stop scurrying! This has to happen every year and I’ll tell you one thing is that we can’t stop it and being like this isn’t gonna help!” 

Its dark outside now so I’m sure it will be a quick and easy death for whoever is the chosen one this year. I thought to myself again, “What if I’m the chosen one?” Then like the others, I started scurrying around like a freak for a minute then I stopped myself and right then, the coop opened and a human-like figure was standing right there. I heard at least 3 knife slashes and a horrifying scream after each one.
The next day we counted 3 less turkeys… It was a hard morning for all of us losing our family and friends. I decided to take action. Tonight when the human comes to feed us, I’ll sneak out and into their house, and then I’ll chase all the humans and peck them until they cant move. Then I’ll grab the same knife our 3 friends were killed with and see how the humans like it…

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