Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taking a New View~

I'm writing to you on a rainy morning in Portland. This is my last of 5 days away from home - my first time taking a trip of leisure - alone. It has been more a time of reflection.

This trip has been an incredible piece of my own journey of healing and I'm sure I will have many more realizations over the days to come. I have seen new places and met new faces.. seen how small my world has been. And I got to be a roadie with Moody Little Sister, who just happens to be my cousin! Such a beautiful trip from Portland to Washington and then back down the 101. Mother Nature can speak straight to your desires, if only you're listening.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of my own internal journey and yet I believe this is where life and living begins... 

~ All of what has been lacking in my own experience of life and love is within me. It can't be found outside of myself. It can't be filled with someone else's presence.
~ I have to seek and find ways to love myself. It is then that I become fulfilled. In loving myself, I can then be loved.
~ Perspective is a jewel. Sometimes taking a step away from a situation, as well as spending time alone, is the key to seeing the answers we need.
~ Life is happening and passing. Whether I pay attention to the experience or not is up to me.
~ Being too busy and filling my time with overcompensations is dulling my joy. I can be fulfilled in any moment, if I choose.
~ I am perfect just the way I am. Really.

These all sound like great quotes (and let's face it, I do love quotes), but these are actual truths that I have come to find within myself that I am committing to live by.. Being on a  journey with your Self gives the time and space for miracles to occur. For that, I'm grateful.

Many thanks for your continued love and support.

Love and light to you all~

Mimi Marie

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