Monday, December 15, 2014

Facing the Forces of Fear!


What comes up for you when you hear that word? Does it create more of itself or do you run to it with open arms? Surely it depends on your perspective, your experiences, and where you're at in your journey of life, but no matter who you are, fear is a stranger to no one... 

What if we could learn how to navigate fear and use it to our advantage. Could it actually lose its power? Could we learn to recognize it when it shows up and then use it to propel us on our path? I say YES.

I spent this past weekend shedding a lot of tears around some big changes occurring in my life. Some of them are around amazing opportunities that I've been creating for a LONG time (such as my nutrition programs). Some of them are plunges into the unknown, worries about finances, uncertainties around relationships and worries about losing people. Nonetheless, they're ALL rooted in fear... of the unknown, of loss, of failing, or not being good enough.

As I grappled with these thoughts going through my mind and the heaviness that was on my heart, the light turned on when I realized I was actually robbing myself of enjoyment... of the time that I have to spend on nourishing activities, the ability to grow myself and propel my life, and the time to love on people that are dear to me.

I think it's important to let yourself swim around inside of those fears for a little while. Let yourself feel the feelings from the experiences that have already happened or situations that you avoid because you're fearful. 

Definitely allow yourself to FEEL. Cry if you need to cry, even if you think it's totally ridiculous. Feeling the fears lessens their power.

Then when you get sick of loathing - when you're sick of being paralyzed, stopped or limited in the things that you're trying to accomplish - get to action in stirring things up for yourself! Ask yourself some questions and journal your answers so that you can begin to rearrange your priorities and empower yourself. Here are some ideas to get you started... 

Why am I so afraid? 
Is it more important to live in fear, or to conquer that which I'm afraid of? 
What am I NOT accomplishing because I'm afraid?
Have the things that I'm afraid of already happened in my life (most likely they have)?
Who is benefiting from my being stopped by fear?
Who or what will I be helping when I overcome my fears?
What will become possible when I start taking actions against my fears?
What's are the first 5 action steps I can take to start conquering that which I'm most afraid of?

Ready... GO!! 

What are some ways that you overcome fear? What are some triumphs you've had? 
Let us hear from you!

Yours in health,

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