Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April Updates!! No April Foolin' here!! ;)

Happy April, my friends!! 

Even though it's the same every year, it's always shocking how the time seems to fly so quickly. It seems Christmas was just yesterday! And where did Easter go?

Since I haven't been very on top of my newsletters, I thought I'd take the time to bring you up to date! I'll try to keep things to the point and elaborate more later... :)

2016 is already off to a big and busy start. Looking at my vision board over my meditation this morning and seeing how much I've already accomplished is exhilarating. I'm not sure I've ever felt so overwhelmingly joyful and proud of what I've created and I'm so excited to see where this year takes me! 

I brought in the New Year with my first article published on Women for One. This was a proud moment as I intend to bring much more of my story and my writing into the world in order to make a difference for other women out there. So many of us struggle with the stories of our past and it keeps us stuck in life and unable to move forward to live a life we love. Often this manifests in health issues and a huge lack of self-care. I want to see more women freed up and aware of their ability to design life however they choose. 

In February, after more than two years of wanting to move after my divorce, I decided that it was time to stop thinking about it and make it happen! Within weeks, I found the perfect situation in the exact area that I wanted to live and last weekend I officially became a resident of beautiful Encinitas, CA. Even though I didn't move very far away, this is monumental for me. The whole thing is still sinking in, but the one thing I know is that when you believe and commit to what you want in life, truly anything is possible. More on that later!

I couldn't be more proud of my March accomplishment when my daughter, Zoe & I brought another dream to life and launched our first Bonding Beauties workshop. I am still in awe at what a beautiful day that turned out to be for all who came. Not only was a new sistership formed between all of us, but the closeness that was created between moms & daughters was beautiful beyond belief. I am such a believer in the power that we as women have to empower each other on so many levels. And if we will just start with the women in our lives, the ripple effect can be astounding. I can't wait to create more of this magic! 

What's next, you ask?! ;) SO MUCH!! 
I'll just bullet point some of the good stuff so you'll know you should stay tuned... :)

  • My nutrition programs are under construction and relaunching within the next month!! And guess what, you won't have to live in San Diego to work with me!! Yay :)))
  • I'm co-facilitating a Mother Daughter Connection Weekend with the lovely Patrina Wisdom and both of our daughters, Jorden & Zoe at the end of this month! Join us April 22-23!
  • Our next Bonding Beauties Workshop is set for June 11th! Mark your calendars and all the juicy details will be coming soon!
I hope that your year is off to an amazing start and I look forward to connecting with you so much more in the coming months. Make sure you're following me on all the social places and feel free to email with any questions or feedback. I love hearing from you!

Want to work with me to create your healthier, happier life? Simply email and let's chat!

All my love to you, in health & happiness~
Mimi Marie

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