Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Being a Woman~

For International Women's Day I'd like to get back in touch and share some of my heart with you...

I haven't done much writing in quite some time and to be honest, it's killing me! Sharing in the form of writing is such a therapeutic part of my life and my journey. It's like water for my soul and without it I will always thirst for something more. My life will never quite be enough. It sounds harsh, I know, but don't we all have something like that? Something for which our life is for and without it we just won't be complete?

How often and WHY do we resist, deny and fight the things that we love so much? Why do we rob ourselves of the nourishment that we so need to thrive? Why don't we pursue our callings?

Here is what I have come to see...
it's fear, which essentially underlies it all
a lack of focus, which essentially is just a way of keeping ourselves distracted
I don't want to be seen as selfish
I don't want to be seen - period
I don't want to be vulnerable
I don't want you to know that it's hard - all jokes aside - that the struggle is effing real!!
I don't believe in myself
I don't want to be judged for what I have to say
I don't think that what I have to say measures up to what "real" writers share
I'm denying my own truth and feelings because then I'll have to get real with myself

The list goes on...

What are your reasons for not embracing and chasing the things that you love in life? What keeps you from embodying your passion and your purpose? It is only in acknowledging what stops us that can set us free.

Whatever my reasons are for not doing what I LOVE, at the end of the day I'm robbing myself of the full expression of my truth and what I know I'm on this planet for, which is to share my life and my story. Sure, some of it is selfish because it helps me heal and blossom. But some of it is because I know there are other women out there that I can help along by sharing my truth. Even if there's only one other woman, I know I'm not alone. 

All of that to say, I know that I need to write. I need you to know my stories, my struggles, my triumphs and my goals so that we can help each other navigate this life. I need to be real. As a divine feminine woman I need to be real and share, even when it's ugly and messy. Because truthfully and often, that's what life is - ugly and messy. 

As women, we live in a world that is on the pursuit of perfection and beauty, but none of that is real. I am constantly beating myself down trying to be perfect and have it all figured out. I am often so hard on myself for not being "further" along in life. Every time I find myself in that trap I shut down and I get stuck. I start self sabotaging my success and my progress. I deny the acknowledgement of my own progress and I block myself from what's actually possible.

I share all of this with you to say that today I urge you to embrace yourself as a woman - with all of your greatness and all of your flaws. We all have them. It's time to let go of perfection and love what's REAL and not always "pretty." Because that in itself - YOU as yourself - is perfect! 

Today I challenge you to look in the mirror and find LOVE. Maybe it's been a while, or maybe you've never looked there, to yourself, but this is where it all begins. Take at least 2 minutes in the mirror and give yourself love. Whether it's with words or just feelings. Maybe it will be with tears. Just let yourself be and see what happens. 

~Artist unknown
Here's to embracing your womanhood in all of its glory~ 

Always love,